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FAQs for Your Customers

Frequently Asked Questions Your Customers
May Have About Our Products


Q: I just received products from The Pie Shoppe. Do I need to bake them?
A: All of our products arrive freshly baked. All you need to do is serve them and enjoy.
Q: Can the pies be reheated?
A: Do not reheat our cream piesThe fruit pies can be reheated.  We recommend warming the pie in a conventional oven at 200°F for approximately 10 minutes. Microwaving by the slice is possible. Heat to your desired temperature. Do not put the metal pie pan in the microwave.   
Q: Why are the pies delivered without pressure-wrapped cellophane?
A: Because our pies are freshly baked, sealing the pie would damage it and make it sweat. We want them delivered in the most delicious way.
Q: How long do the pies last?
A: The life of the pie depends on the type of pie and the means of storage. All of our fruit pies have a shelf life without refrigerating or freezing except pumpkin pie which must be refrigerated. We strongly recommend refrigerating all of our fruit and cream pies to extend their life to 5 days.
Q: What is the shelf life of the pies?
A: All of fruit pies have a shelf life of 4 to 5 days without refrigeration. Refrigerating our fruit pies will make them last another 2-3 days. Remember pumpkin pies must be refrigerated.
Q: Can the pies be frozen and for how long?
A: Yes, our fruit pies can be frozen 1-2 months. Place the pie in a freezer bag and then back in The Pie Shoppe box that it came in the same day it is delivered to your organization, so that full shelf life will be retained once you thaw the pie. We don’t recommend freezing our cream pies and pumpkin pies as it can affect their appearance and make their crusts soft.
Q: I’m taking my fruit pie out of the freezer for dinner tonight. What should I do?
A: Take the pie out of the freezer and immediately place it in a 350°F oven for 25-30 minutes, then serve.
Q: Do you use fresh fruit in your fruit pies?
A: The Pie Shoppe does not use canned fruits. Our fruits are flash frozen, and once thawed are as fresh as the day they were picked.
Q: What are your most popular pies?
A: Dutch Apple Pie is our #1 selling pie.  Razzleberry Pie and Coconut Cream Pie are tied for 2nd place. In the fall months, Pumpkin Pie increases in popularity, joining Razzleberry and Coconut Cream in a 3-way tie for 2nd place. In the summer time, the demand for all of our berry pies increases significantly.

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